Purchasing Investment Properties on the Big Island

Big Island real estate is a popular choice for investors looking to expand their portfolios and purchase investment real estate. Kona has beautiful, luxurious homes right on the water or smaller homes nestled among acres of lush foliage and landscaping. There are a few different ways you can use your property as an investment, and our brokers will be glad to explain your options and help you find the right investment. Whether you’re looking to purchase foreclosures to flip or want a move-in ready home to use as a rental, we know how to locate just what you want.

Buying an Investment Home

When looking at homes in Hawaii, it’s important to know what you want to get out of your investment property. Are you looking strictly for passive income that you have year round, or do you want to resell the home in the future at a much higher price? Kona is a popular area, and Big Island real estate can be a worthwhile investment. When you work with Luva Real Estate, you have a team of dedicated professionals who understand the Hawaiian market and will guide you to the best investment homes.

Buying Investment Property

There is ample vacant land available for individuals who want to build their own home or build rental properties. We can help you find investment property in Hawaii or any of the surrounding islands. Some of the less developed islands are slowly growing and purchasing investment property on those islands could provide an excellent recoup on your investment in the future.


North Kohala

The northern most district of the Big Island of Hawaii, North Kohala is the birthplace of King Kamehameha III and an important district in the history of the state of Hawaii.


South Kohala

Sun drenched beaches featuring world-class destinations including the Mauna Lani Resort, Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, and Waikoloa Beach area make South Kohala a favorite of travelers worldwide.


North Kona

Located on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii, home to the town of Kailua Kona and a favorite of locals and visitors alike, North Kona offers a little something for everyone.


South Kona

The main growing region of the world famous Kona Coffee is along the slopes of Mauna Loa located in the South Kona district.


North Hilo

North of Hilo town, the North Hilo district offers a rural, country setting with the convenient proximity to all that the town of Hilo offers. Rugged coastal cliffs, waterfalls and black sand beaches are what postcards are made of.


South Hilo

The South Hilo district includes Hilo town, the Hawaii county seat for government office and has a population of over 40,000 full time residents.



The Hamakua district lies on the Northeast coast of the Big Island of Hawaii and travels south to Mauna Kea and the summit of Mauna Loa. Waipio Valley at the northern end is world famous for its spectacular beauty and poi farms in the heart of the valley.



Puna, the Big Island of Hawaii’s eastern most district, means spring of water in the Hawaiian language. Puna district is famous for its tide pools where one can experience the cold spring water percolating up from the ground.



Kau district is the southern most district on the Big Island of Hawaii and in fact has the southern most point in the United States at Ka Lae Point. Kau contains the majority of the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, has a burgeoning coffee industry, and boasts beautiful black and green sand beaches.

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