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February 2018

Found 5 blog entries for February 2018.

Hawaii Island Beach

Clean up a beach park in Kona, get your avocado fix at the Avocado Festival and enjoy a ukelele music festival on the Kohala Coast! Also don’t miss a chance to support the Hawaii Island Humane Society at their annual fundraiser. LUVA Real Estate brings you the fun for March!

What: Annual Beach Clean Up

When: Saturday March 3 2018 at 8 am

Where: Old Airport Beach Park

 Annual Old Airport Beach Park Clean Up

Help make a difference to the world you live in AND the Big Island. This event is spearheaded by an array of local groups and organizations, including Big Island Wave Riders Against Drugs. This cleanup is estimated to save the county more than $400,000. Volunteers will be given a t-shirt and they will sign up to clean up at a beach of their choice before heading out

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Picture of Kailua Bay in Kona HawaiiThere are two kinds of people in this world. People who enjoy being warm and those who enjoy being cool. Most people who really love being COLD, don’t buy homes in Hawaii, however, there are plenty of people who enjoy a hot day at the beach, and then snuggling under the covers at night. If you are THAT kind of person looking to purchase a home on the Big Island, LUVA Real Estate has some tips for you!

First, if you have not driven around the island much, you may not know that since we all live on the slopes of one of five volcanoes, that we have choices to live at sea level all the way up to 4,000 feet. If you check your temperature gauge on your car while you are driving up from the Kona airport to the upper highway, you can see a 10 degree change in

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Compliments of Old Republic Title

Looking at a snapshot of the West Hawaii housing market, you can see that the North Kohala, South Kohala and South Kona markets have seen double digit price increases for single family homes from January 2017 to January 2018. North Kona fell 12.5% year over year from a high of $640,00 for a single family home last January to $560,000 last month, according to data from the Hawaii Information Services.

According to Altos Research, the current median price for a 1300 sq ft 3 bedroom/2 bath home in Kailua Kona is $560,000 and a 2,100 sq foot 3 bed/2 bath single family home is $833,950. According to Zillow, home prices for single family homes are solidly where they were at the peak of the market in 2007 and condos

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LUVA Real Estate agents often work with homebuyers who, after looking at the financial requirement of owning a single family home in West Hawaii, or do not want the day to day upkeep of a large home, will decide to look at condos instead. Buying a condo in Hawaii has a variety of aspects that you may not encounter on the mainland, from strict renting rules to financing options and more. To help you avoid pitfalls, here are some of the top things you should know about buying a condo in West Hawaii.

  1. Can you do short term rentals?

The first thing you may wish to look at when you are considering a condo purchase is your goals for the condo. If you want to rent it out most of the year for vacation rentals, you need to make sure that short term

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Property Tax with dollar sign graphicThere has been a brewing argument over property taxes and who is paying most of them for some time in Hawaii due to new legislation requiring second home owners to help pay for teacher salary increases for local schools in the state.

The argument came to a head recently when the state did an actual tally of how many out of state homeowners were paying for Hawaii property taxes. The answer? One third.

Government needs tax revenue to pay for city services and it can’t pay for those services through excise taxes and user fees alone. With land in Hawaii valued at over $335 billion, Hawaii collected $1.7 billion through property taxes in fiscal year 2016-2017 alone, according to the Real Property Assessment Division.

If you think that just because

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