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We are a group of adventurers, dog lovers, surfers, activists, Netflix bingers, paddlers, caffeine addicts, parents, partners…the list could go on and on! One thing that we all have in common is, of course, our love for Real Estate. Every agent’s perspective and experience makes our LUVA Real Estate team who we are and we want to share with you our stories with our Agent Spotlight.

Lance has been a full time Realtor in Kona since 2004 and joined LUVA as one of the very first agents in 2012. Kimi Nagatoshi joined the firm three years later in 2015. Lance & Kimi are well known throughout both the realtor and local Big Island community. From their involvement in West Hawaii Association of Realtors, the Big Island Chocolate Festival, and the Big Island

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HARPTA IncreaseTackling Your West Hawaii Home Energy Expenses With Solar

With energy costs in Hawaii being the most expensive in the nation, looking at the potential cost of your monthly energy bill is as important as considering other large expenses for your home like HOA fees and taxes. While LUVA Real Estate focuses on helping you find the home of your dreams, there are a few companies in West Hawaii that can help you understand the costs of solar so you can control your monthly energy costs.

First some background information:
Solar costs have declined significantly, and are at their lowest point in over 30 years. Solar is now more affordable than ever and advances in technology have improved system quality and design. In 2017, there was more new solar power

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By now you know that Hawaii Island was rocked by an eruption at Kilauea last week that caused a pink plume of ash to rise hundreds of feet in the air when part of the crater wall fell into the caldera. That event seemed to start the lava flowing down lava tubes along  the volcano flanks 12 miles away into Leilani Estates, a subdivision built on the East Rift Zone, a Lava 1 Zone. 15 fissures have now opened up and have caused over 35 structures to be destroyed. This entire lava event, along with the numerous earthquakes and VOG issues is causing many people, including all of the Realtors and staff at LUVA Real Estate, to offer well wishes and assistance to those affected, but to also wonder how this is going to affect the real estate market on Hawaii

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Do you love to snorkel in the beautiful bays of West Hawaii? Have you been snorkeling over the last few years and been noticing the decline in fish and degradation of the coral?  LUVA Real Estate cares about preserving what makes West Hawaii a special place to visit and call home, so we are letting you know about something you can do to help protect our marine environment when you visit..even if you don’t go into the ocean.

This week, the Hawaii state legislature passed a bill outlawing the sale of two particular chemicals — oxybenzone and octinoxate — found in many sunscreens. The proposed law will now go to the desk of Hawaii’s governor, who can sign the bill into law and enact the ban starting in 2021. But 2021. Really? Can we do better by

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Happy Thanksgiving! Giving thanks and gratitude for all that we have and enjoy should be done year round, but during the next few days and weeks, it’s a great opportunity to focus on how fortunate we are. LUVA Real Estate Realtors created this list to remind us all of just a few aspects of what we have to be thankful for living on the Big Island of Hawaii!

  1. Real Estate Prices Are Less Than the Other Islands

This IS a real estate blog, so we DO have to point out that you get more bang for your tropical buck when buying real estate on the Big Island and for THAT we all can be thankful! Unlike Oahu and Maui, we live without the crush of humanity and over development. Did you know that 70% of the island has been zoned agricultural, public

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If you live on Hawaii Island or are just visiting, there are magical and inspiring places to visit that you just have to make a plan to go and see. The island, being the size of Connecticut, has places to explore that can take most of the day to get there and can include an exhausting drive if you are not prepared. So, to lend a hand in sharing some amazing places to discover, we share with you the reality of making a plan to eat, drink and sleep, as well as adventure! This is the first of five posts in this series.

Volcanoes National Park and seeing the lava flow

This is an all day adventure! It takes about 2 ½ hours to get to Volcanoes National Park from Kona along highway 11.

Before you go:

If you plan on viewing the lava, make sure you

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When you think of Holualoa, located mauka (up slope) from Kailua-Kona and Keauhou on the Big Island of Hawaii on the slopes of dormant Hualalai Volcano, you may think of the abundance of coffee farms that produce some of the world’s best Kona coffee. You would also think of the beautiful artists community that is fostered and celebrated in the downtown with weekly events and holiday happenings. Then, you may also think of the cooler temperatures enjoyed at this 1,400 foot elevation and the abundance of tropical foliage along with acres and acres of coffee trees that provide its residents room to breathe and get away from the “city” life below. With ample rainfall, gardeners delight in growing a bevy of tropical fruits and vegetables.

Visit during the

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Some of the most enduring and ancient structures on the Big Island were built with lava rocks in the dry-stack method, utilizing no mortar. Today, examples of beautiful lava-rock walls can be seen throughout the islands on residential properties, commercial areas, and alongside roads and highways.


In the state of Hawaii, the most talented rock-wall masons are located right here on the Big Island. Because of the abundance of lava rock on our volcanic island, the opportunities for building walls and terraces out of lava are seemingly endless. Multi-generational Hawaiian, Tongan and Samoan masons specialize in this quintessentially island-style of building. But before you hire a mason, be sure to ask around to find the most reputable and skilled

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Lantern Pic 350x241Stewardship of Culture and Tradition on Hawai’i Island

Calling all residents and visitors of Hawai’i Island…Let’s join together at the Annual Floating Lantern Ceremony, hosted by North Hawai’i Hospice on Sunday, August 23, 2015.

Hawai’i is home to many cultures and people, each with a contribution of its very own. Whether you grew up in the sugar plantations of Honoka’a, raised your children in the coffee farms of Holualoa, or a visitor to Hawai’i Island, we are all participants in the cultural diversity of today.

The rich heritage and diverse cultures we share are evident in so many ways throughout the year. As they happen, you can count on LUVA Real Estate to share our Hawaii Island events. Among the many cultural and traditional events is the

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Enjoy Surfing In Kona

Welcome to the Big Island of Hawaii, where the natural landscape is molded by the rawness and beauty of Lava rock. For many, a trip to Hawaii is synonymous with surfing… as it should be.

These small islands in the middle of the Pacific are the birthplace of surfing and have produced many of the best surfers the world has ever seen.

The rugged terrain of the island, however, is often a shock to tourists expecting to see sandy beaches and surf for as far as the eye can see. The character of the Island is far richer than your typical post card picture, yet it still embodies all the elements of a paradise on earth. The magical experiences of pristine beaches and crashing surf are plentiful… you just need to know where to look.

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