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One of the problems plaguing paradise is a lack of affordable housing in Hawaii. This is an issue impacting the entire state of Hawaii and it is playing havoc in Hawaii County, especially in Kailua Kona where 20 people vie for every one available rental, pushing housing costs up. The reason many full-time rental homes are not available? Because people have turned to Airbnb and VRBO to rent out their homes, removing the opportunity for a full-time resident to find a place to live. In residential neighborhoods throughout Hawaii, single-family homes are being used by groups of vacationers, bringing more vehicles to the streets and noise issues to the neighbors.


LUVA Real Estate understands our client's desires to purchase a home now, rent it

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A little over a month ago, if you had asked a homeowner on Hawaii Island with property in Lava Zone 1, how they felt about their investment, they may have told you that for the affordable cost of the land, it was worth the risk. Sadly, 30 days later with over 600 homes destroyed by lava in the Puna District, now homeowners may be asking, “Do I still have to pay property taxes on my land if it is covered in lava?”  Mainlanders and Hawaii residents watched in wonder as the lava flow filled in Kapoho Bay this week and watched the flow stretching out over a mile from the original shoreline with new oceanfront land. Many asked, “Who owns that new land?”

So what happens to the land when a lava flow covers it? Does the state or county claim title to it?

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When you discuss location and lifestyle together in a home in West Hawaii, you usually look for a home at elevation, with an expansive ocean view, close to Kailua Kona, with plenty of room outside for entertaining.  The homes and estates within Heights on Hualalai offers these key ingredients to Hawaiian living.

Heights on Hualalai features individually-designed, newer construction homes with contemporary floor plans, attractive finishes and most have swimming pools. At a pleasant 700 foot elevation, Heights on Hualalai is located above the middle of the Kailua-Kona area and has easy access to all amenities.  (Go straight up above Pualani Estates)

Heights on Hualalai is an upscale community located strategically halfway between mauka and

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As the single family home market has heated up in West Hawaii, many would-be buyers and investors are now looking at the condo market for possible purchasing. In your research, you may have seen that some properties are “full service” condos or condotels.

You may be wondering, what IS a condotel? Let us start with the definition:  A condominium project that is operated as a hotel with a registration desk, daily cleaning service, activities desk and more. The units are individually owned and the unit owners also have the option to place their unit in the condotel rental program where it is rented out like a hotel room.

Making the Decision

When deciding on purchasing a condotel or a traditional condominium, you will have to consider your needs and

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Are you searching for a new home in Hawaii? Or have you lived here for awhile and deciding now may be the time to sell your home and move up? You may be seeing countless faces of Realtors on Zillow,, the MLS, on signs and ads around West Hawaii. How do you choose the right person to represent you on one of the single biggest financial decisions in your life? LUVA Real Estate would like to offer a few suggestions to help make the process less stressful.  

  1. Referrals-Most people say they found their Realtor through a trusted source, friend, family member, etc. If a Realtor has done an exceptional job for someone you know, that could be a great start. However, you may be new to the island and have no friends or anyone to ask their
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Demand has been steady for homes and land in West Hawaii, LUVA Real Estate reports for the West Hawaii real estate market update.

Home sales have begun exceeding new inventory, Altos Research, the real time data stats company reported  this month. However, they also reported that 39% of the available homes on the market in Kailua Kona have had a price decrease. Welcome to March, as we approach the end of our high season and snow birds start to pack up and go home and home sellers react to the receding tide of potential buyers by getting more assertive with the price of their home, which they MAY have priced a bit too high knowing the demand has been there since January.

If sellers in North Hawaii priced their homes to meet demand, they did so

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When deciding to purchase a home in West Hawaii, you know you are coming to a completely new environment than the one you left on the mainland. LUVA Real Estate welcomes you to this new land, but you WILL find new insects and other creatures you may not be used to. Depending upon your elevation, the foliage growing around your home, your proximity to Dumpsters, and the amount of rain that can stand stagnant and such, you will be dealing with a variety of “pests.”

Pests, of course, are more “pesty” depending upon your tolerance and patience for them. Just know that if you move to West Hawaii, you have to deal with the fact that you moved to a tropical island. Tropical islands have residents other than people – some of which are native and some are

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A consistent question we get at LUVA Real Estate is about the different styles and architecture of homes in West Hawaii and if someone were to build from scratch, what is an easy and affordable way to get a home designed.

Depending upon your price point, you may have different thoughts on what your perfect Hawaiian home style is. Open air, Balinese inspired design, the type you find at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, or craftsman style homes you would find in a residential development in Kailua Kona or Waikoloa Village  or simple pier and post designs that focus more on enjoying the outdoor beauty than soaring teak ceilings that you may find in older neighborhoods from Palisades to Captain Cook.

Hawaiian style home design actually covers a

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There are two kinds of people in this world. People who enjoy being warm and those who enjoy being cool. Most people who really love being COLD, don’t buy homes in Hawaii, however, there are plenty of people who enjoy a hot day at the beach, and then snuggling under the covers at night. If you are THAT kind of person looking to purchase a home on the Big Island, LUVA Real Estate has some tips for you!

First, if you have not driven around the island much, you may not know that since we all live on the slopes of one of five volcanoes, that we have choices to live at sea level all the way up to 4,000 feet. If you check your temperature gauge on your car while you are driving up from the Kona airport to the upper highway, you can see a 10 degree change in

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LUVA Real Estate agents often work with homebuyers who, after looking at the financial requirement of owning a single family home in West Hawaii, or do not want the day to day upkeep of a large home, will decide to look at condos instead. Buying a condo in Hawaii has a variety of aspects that you may not encounter on the mainland, from strict renting rules to financing options and more. To help you avoid pitfalls, here are some of the top things you should know about buying a condo in West Hawaii.

  1. Can you do short term rentals?

The first thing you may wish to look at when you are considering a condo purchase is your goals for the condo. If you want to rent it out most of the year for vacation rentals, you need to make sure that short term

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