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Moe Mailie luxury Maui propertyWhen you think of luxury Hawaii homes, you know there will be a beautiful kitchen, a gorgeous pool and a fantastic view, but how about a carriage house for your collection of off road vehicles? LUVA Real Estate agent, Kimi Correa, is listing a unique property in the beautiful town of Kula on Maui with a selling price of $15 million. Here is the property description:

Nestled amidst the clouds in Maui you will find a Hawaiian estate like no other. Welcome to Moemalie, “A Place of Peaceful Rest”. Exquisitely landscaped and furnished, the Estate boasts a Mansion ( with a traditional accordion cage elevator), an apartment above the 3-car garage, a single level cottage, a two-story gate house, a 9 car garage building, a pool pavilion with an over-sized

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HARPTA Increase solar panels on roofTackling Your West Hawaii Home Energy Expenses With Solar

With energy costs in Hawaii being the most expensive in the nation, looking at the potential cost of your monthly energy bill is as important as considering other large expenses for your home like HOA fees and taxes. While LUVA Real Estate focuses on helping you find the home of your dreams, there are a few companies in West Hawaii that can help you understand the costs of solar so you can control your monthly energy costs.

First some background information:
Solar costs have declined significantly, and are at their lowest point in over 30 years. Solar is now more affordable than ever and advances in technology have improved system quality and design. In 2017, there was more new solar power

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Today, many home buyers and sellers are considering not utilizing a real estate agent when buying/selling homes in the interest of saving money. However, most of them haven’t realized that the process of selling and buying a home is more complicated than what they assume. They do not realize that hiring a real estate agent can actually save them more money compared to when they try to handle the transaction themselves.

The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

For Buyers

  • You may not spend your money paying the commission, most of the time the seller will pay it.
  • They will help you find the right homes that meet your wants and needs.
  • They will help you negotiate the best deal for the home.
  • They also will help you to arrange a home
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When it comes to buying the property of your dreams in Hawaii, there’s no time like the present. Hawaii is a great place to relocate for a number of reasons. In this corner of paradise, one could explore different cultures, discover new amazing ecosystems, create new bonds with locals and enjoy a life-long vacation. However, when you live miles away from this state, finding the most affordable houses for sale in Hawaii could be quite a stressful and time-consuming process. Fortunately, by tapping the enormous potential of all the online and offline channels that are currently at your disposal you can simplify your home hunt, making it easier for you to get the keys to your new Hawaiian real estate.

Set Your Priorities Straight

First of all, try to

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Many people choose to start a new chapter in their lives by relocating to another city or state. If this appeals to you then you may consider moving to Hawaii. The Big Island of Hawaii will surprise you with a large variety of homes for sale, breathtaking surroundings and countless entertainment options. Still hesitating? In that case, just take a closer look at the following reasons that could justify your decision to move to Hawaii.

  1. You Turn Your Life into a Never-Ending Vacation. Most of the people who have recently bought homes for sale in the Big Island didn’t actually picture a new life for themselves in this idyllic area. They started out as tourists and actually bought a two-way ticket. However, shortly after setting foot in Hawaii, they
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