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Housing Market Statistics

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Looking at a snapshot of the West Hawaii housing market, you can see that the North Kohala, South Kohala and South Kona markets have seen double digit price increases for single family homes from January 2017 to January 2018. North Kona fell 12.5% year over year from a high of $640,00 for a single family home last January to $560,000 last month, according to data from the Hawaii Information Services.

According to Altos Research, the current median price for a 1300 sq ft 3 bedroom/2 bath home in Kailua Kona is $560,000 and a 2,100 sq foot 3 bed/2 bath single family home is $833,950. According to Zillow, home prices for single family homes are solidly where they were at the peak of the market in 2007 and condos

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The 2017 West Hawaii real estate market saw a solid increase in the median price of a single family home to over $550k by June, which, compared to historical housing prices over the past decade in the region, came within over 90% of the median price record of $575,000 reached in 2007. Median condo prices stayed under $310,000 in 2017, but the West Hawaii housing market was definitley cooking last year.

“Just like the rest of the country, what we are faced with now, at the beginning of 2018, is a huge problem with inventory”, stated LUVA Real Estate Realtor, Lance Owens. “I have a few clients for condos under $325,000. The total for sale condos in Kailua-Kona, under $325k right now is only 20 units. If you want maintenance

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Amid discussions in the US Senate and Congress about a new tax bill that would cut state and local taxes which would take a toll on the mortgage interest deduction, the one thing for sellers to take note of is that the new proposed tax bill and the prospect of rising interest rates make predictions for next year’s market tenuous at best. If you are considering selling in 2018, now may be the time to act. Waiting for the spring market to get top dollar for your home may be a gamble according to real estate experts discussing high priced housing markets, such as West Hawaii where the median price of a single family home is over $500,000.

With interest rates raising as early as December, buyers should consider acting now especially if they are financing

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As we head into fall, sellers are pondering getting their homes on the market for the winter rush of mainlanders who are finally making their retirement dreams come true and looking to buy a home. But don’t forget, that there are people looking EVERY DAY right now for homes in West Hawaii, so if you are considering a move, breaking away from the pack early to avoid the jump in inventory, which routinely happens in January, may actually yield a better price for your home. To illustrate this point, take a look at the chart on the left, showing how low current inventory is compared to January of this year.

The good news for buyers right now is that the median price of single family homes in North Kona has dipped a bit from $647,500 in 2016 to $620,000k

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North Kona continues to be one of the most desirable places to live on the Big Island according to statistical data released by the Hawaii Multiple Listing Service for both August home sales and year-to-date data.

For single family home sales, North Kona saw median home prices increase from $685,000 in August of 2016 to $715,000 in August of 2017. Year to date, the amount of closed sales in North Kona rose by 13% from 321 closed sales to 363. South Kohala experienced a slight dip in closed home sales year to date and North Kohala saw a slight increase. South Kona saw a 36% increase year over year in closed sales, and a slight increase in median sales prices from $500,000 last August to $525,000 this August.

Vacant land prices in South Kona dropped

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July was quite a busy month for condo sales in North Kona with a 108.33% increase year over year from 24 sales in 2016 to 50 sales in 2017 and a 108% increase in sales volume year over year, as well. In South Kohala, the sales volume for condos was up 66.73% over July of 2016. There was a slight uptick in single family homes in North Kona sales year over year, with a 11.3% increase from 44 sales in 2016 and 49 in July according to statistics from Hawaii Information Service, the local MLS service.

Al Gulick, Realtor and Broker with LUVA Real Estate said about the current market, “My observation is that this summer what we are seeing for lower priced condos, those listed for under $400,000, is that they are selling like hot cakes—many are on the market

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It’s summer and the Hawaii Island housing market is smoking hot.

A year ago, the condo market produced just $6.5 million in sales volume for North Kona.. Last month, it jumped to $15.2 million and then in June, it jumped up to $30.2 million. The median price a year ago for condos, according to the Hawaii MLS was $247,000 and each listing was fetching about 94.7% of listing price. Last month, the median price jumped to $325,000 and sellers were receiving 99.16% of the listing price. THAT is a hot market. (As a reminder, North Kona includes Kailua-Kona, Keauhou, Palisades and the Kukio/Hulalai Resort Areas)

In comparison, the average sold price was 94.2% of the current list price for single family houses in West Hawaii whose median price for June

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Hawaii Housing Statistics First Quarter The housing market in West Hawaii continues to be positively affected by the annual upswing of homebuyers during the first part of the year.

“It seems to me the market has been gaining steam. I feel like we started off the year a bit shaky with the uncertainty of the presidential election. It appears that May, and especially thus far in June, the market has really been picking up. We had 6 new escrows open in the last 2 days”, Brian Collins, LUVA Real Estate, shared.

For the island as a whole, the median price of a single family home is $320,000 and condos are $273,000 according to information provided by Hawaii Information Services. Puna has seen the most home sales at 86 closed sales and 113 land sales.

How are the regions that make up West

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While housing markets in major metro areas across the country are sizzling amid lack of available inventory, the West Hawaii, and the Hawaii Island housing market is showing that fewer properties have been sold, but prices have increased from year ago levels. Well priced homes in the under 600k category are only lasting a few days on the market.

Across the island, residential sales in March 2017 dropped 37% from 205 properties sold in March 2016 to 129, while year to date, 554 homes sold by this time last year and 443 homes sold in 2017, a 20.04% drop, according to data from the Hawaii Information System. However, the median price of all properties was $296,000 in March 2016 and jumped 19.5% to $354,500 year over year. March, one of the busiest months

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Kona real estate Kona Real Estate A Good Time For Buying

It has been a hot July, hottest temperatures since 1983. Kona residents were finding relief at the local beaches or hiding out in air conditioned offices and homes. The Kona real estate market did not resemble the temperature, with residential median sales prices decreasing for a second consecutive month.

In July 2015 the the median sold price in Kona decreased from June 2015 in all market segments. Residential median sales price was $485,000 down from $560,000 in June. Condominium sales was $254,000 down from $272,250 in June. Land sales followed with median price at $580,000, a decrease from $743,674.

July’s month end sales include 45 homes, 35 condos, and 7 vacant lands. Here in the first week of August,

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