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Moving to the Big Island

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You have a goal of moving to Hawaii and you want to bring your best friends, your dogs, to enjoy your life in paradise with you. You envision long walks on the beach while your pups cavort around while you throw balls into the surf for them to catch. Sounds idyllic, right? LUVA Real Estate agents receive calls almost daily from people wanting to move to West Hawaii and want their dogs to come, too.

Let’s take a look at three of the aspects of bringing dogs to the island successfully that you need to be aware of.

1. The quarantine process of getting rabies shots for your pets, combined with air fare, shipping crates, and a vet meeting you on the tarmac to clear the animal through the process can cost over $1000. The process can take up to five

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rainbow over ocean in kona hawaiiThe Kilauea eruption ended last August, and when the eruption ended, so did the sulfuric volcanic fog (VOG). When the VOG stopped, Hawaii Island enjoyed its first prolonged clean air experience in 33 years since the volcano first erupted in 1983. What the island may not have expected is a new weather pattern that some long time residents say was the weather pattern BEFORE the eruption in 1983, but may also be the start of a new normal due to a changing climate. Whatever the reason, choosing where you wish to buy a home on the Big Island to either avoid the heat or the rain, may take a bit more research.

While for most of Hawaii, the winter months are generally the rainiest, Kona's drier season is generally from November through March, while the rainy

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Retiring in HawaiiIf you have been to Hawaii Island and have said to yourself, “I could retire and spend the rest of my life here” you certainly would not be alone. With a growing amount of Baby Boomers in and heading into retirement age, LUVA Real Estate agents have seen quite an influx of retirees vs families and Millenials deciding to purchase a home or condo in West Hawaii.

Many of these new residents have saved to create a nest egg to live comfortably, or they are able to live off of investment income or pensions or some continue to work side jobs when they move here to keep the budget for travel and entertainment more fluid because of the notorious high cost of living in Hawaii. 

Did you know that Hawaii was ranked #2 by Kiplings as the best state to retire to?

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going off grid on the big islandIn this era of sustainability, many people have their eyes on living a completely sustainable lifestyle by living off the grid. And what better place they believe to do this than in Hawaii?

LUVA Real Estate agents have completed land sales to people ready to harness solar energy, use catchment tanks, plant their own fruit trees and cut the ties that bind most of us to monthly bills. Cutting the ties is also slicing the security of a network of infrastructure that makes our day to day life easier. Are you looking for this lifestyle?

The “off grid” life is one of doing more work for more freedom. It takes commitment to lessen your energy consumption and grow your food and capture your water. If you are considering this lifestyle, we offer resources

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Picture of U.S. Capitol with words Government ShutdownThe government shutdown that began on December 21 is having a variety of local impacts to the state of Hawaii, which ranks 3rd in the nation for the number of federal jobs it has. But it is not just local federal employees who are being affected by the shutdown, but many people who are in the middle of a real estate transaction to buy or sell a home here in West Hawaii. LUVA Real Estate agents are not currently reporting missed closings, but we wanted to keep you abreast of what the potential impacts may be.

The shutdown includes all non-essential government employees and the many departments they represent. Some of these departments are directly related to the mortgage process. If you are selling a home, your buyer could directly be affected.

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The national real estate market is softening, a trend that started in the summer, due to factors including rising interest rates and salaries not keeping up with the pace of a hot housing market. Now, as we enter the fall, markets around the country are seeing sellers dropping prices and West Hawaii is experiencing a slow down in the single home market with a 45% decrease year or year for homes in North Kona, according to data from the Hawaii Information Service.

Home sales dipped from 53 last October to 29 this year. In South Kohala, home sales dropped 24% from October 2017 from 25 last year to 19 this year. Home prices dropped 10% in North Kona year over year from $645,000 to $580,000, and dropped 4.61% in South Kohala from $608,000 last October to

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Heights on Hualalai luxury hawaii home

When you discuss location and lifestyle together in a home in West Hawaii, you usually look for a home at elevation, with an expansive ocean view, close to Kailua Kona, with plenty of room outside for entertaining.  The homes and estates within Heights on Hualalai offers these key ingredients to Hawaiian living.

Heights on Hualalai features individually-designed, newer construction homes with contemporary floor plans, attractive finishes and most have swimming pools. At a pleasant 700 foot elevation, Heights on Hualalai is located above the middle of the Kailua-Kona area and has easy access to all amenities.  (Go straight up above Pualani Estates)

Heights on Hualalai is an upscale community located strategically halfway between mauka and

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As the single family home market has heated up in West Hawaii, many would-be buyers and investors are now looking at the condo market for possible purchasing. In your research, you may have seen that some properties are “full service” condos or condotels.

You may be wondering, what IS a condotel? Let us start with the definition:  A condominium project that is operated as a hotel with a registration desk, daily cleaning service, activities desk and more. The units are individually owned and the unit owners also have the option to place their unit in the condotel rental program where it is rented out like a hotel room.

Making the Decision

When deciding on purchasing a condotel or a traditional condominium, you will have to consider your needs and

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Property Tax with dollar sign graphicThere has been a brewing argument over property taxes and who is paying most of them for some time in Hawaii due to new legislation requiring second home owners to help pay for teacher salary increases for local schools in the state.

The argument came to a head recently when the state did an actual tally of how many out of state homeowners were paying for Hawaii property taxes. The answer? One third.

Government needs tax revenue to pay for city services and it can’t pay for those services through excise taxes and user fees alone. With land in Hawaii valued at over $335 billion, Hawaii collected $1.7 billion through property taxes in fiscal year 2016-2017 alone, according to the Real Property Assessment Division.

If you think that just because

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LUVA Real Estate recently asked a group of people who are considering a move to West Hawaii what were some of their biggest challenges they felt they faced in moving to the island. A majority stated, in doing online research of single family homes and condos that the HOA fees for most condo complexes, compared to the mainland, were very high. HOA fees will vary in price by location and size of the complex. You can find fees as low as $350 for a one bedroom and as high as over $1000 for a two/three bedroom unit. But yes, Hawaii’s HOA (Homeowner Association) fees DO seem very high.

You may be looking at condos for two reasons, they are less expensive than single family homes and the predictability of having most of the maintenance expenses included in

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