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With months of wrangling behind us and the dust now settling, the County of Hawaii has passed Bill 108 and it is now an ordinance, which lays the ground rules going forward for everyone who owns short term vacation rentals on Hawaii Island.

According to the ordinance, “short-term vacation rental” means a dwelling unit of which the owner or operator does not reside on the building site, that has no more than five bedrooms for rent on the building site, and is rented for a period of thirty consecutive days or less.

As a new buyer, you will only have the ability to create a short term vacation rental business if you either (a) buy a property in a resort, hotel, or commercial zone; or (b) buy a property in a neighborhood with residential or agricultural

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When you discuss location and lifestyle together in a home in West Hawaii, you usually look for a home at elevation, with an expansive ocean view, close to Kailua Kona, with plenty of room outside for entertaining.  The homes and estates within Heights on Hualalai offers these key ingredients to Hawaiian living.

Heights on Hualalai features individually-designed, newer construction homes with contemporary floor plans, attractive finishes and most have swimming pools. At a pleasant 700 foot elevation, Heights on Hualalai is located above the middle of the Kailua-Kona area and has easy access to all amenities.  (Go straight up above Pualani Estates)

Heights on Hualalai is an upscale community located strategically halfway between mauka and

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Some of the most enduring and ancient structures on the Big Island were built with lava rocks in the dry-stack method, utilizing no mortar. Today, examples of beautiful lava-rock walls can be seen throughout the islands on residential properties, commercial areas, and alongside roads and highways.


In the state of Hawaii, the most talented rock-wall masons are located right here on the Big Island. Because of the abundance of lava rock on our volcanic island, the opportunities for building walls and terraces out of lava are seemingly endless. Multi-generational Hawaiian, Tongan and Samoan masons specialize in this quintessentially island-style of building. But before you hire a mason, be sure to ask around to find the most reputable and skilled

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Aloha in the Details…

Part of the fun in Real Estate is getting to know my clients and forming lifelong friendships along the way. When a client allows me to enter their home, they are sharing with me a very intimate part of who they are, what their life is about, what’s important to them, their stories and what they hope to do in the future. Their homes reflect their life and I couldn’t be more grateful that they chose to include me in a small part of it. One of the things I like to do, especially here in Hawaii, is being able to see the visual storytelling unfold through the art, decor choice and details throughout their homes. I wanted to share just a few of my favorites with you.

Hawaii has beautiful landscaping. My client brought this art piece

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LUVA Real Estate Hawaii

Having closed over 50 transactions at Kanaloa at Kona in the course of my Real Estate career, my associates playfully dub me as the “King of Kanaloa.” I’ve been fortunate to have spent many years getting to know the intimate details of this beautiful property that perhaps most others may not think about.

1) The Friendliest Staff Members

From the front desk to the landscaping crew, the staff at Kanaloa treat guests with respect and Aloha.

2) People Come Back Year after Year

With so many things to love about this property, it’s no wonder that guests choose to return every year.

3) Best Location

The term “location” gets over-used quite a lot but Kanaloa is truly in its own unique area of Keauhou, Kona on The Big Island. The environment

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LUVA co-founders Jean Laliberte and Yuki Laliberte announced the naming of Brian Collins as a partner with their company LUVA Real Estate and LUVA Vacation Rentals.

Brian has been working as a consultant for the firm and the transition to partner was a natural progression aimed at building a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between the partners Jean, Yuki and Brian. Brian comes from a background in business startup and sales and marketing. When contacted for comment, Brian stated“ I am very excited and pleased to be named partner at LUVA. The brand that we are building and the people that work with us make me extremely optimistic that LUVA will have a strong and long lasting presence in Real Estate and Vacation Rental Services not only in

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Today, many home buyers and sellers are considering not utilizing a real estate agent when buying/selling homes in the interest of saving money. However, most of them haven’t realized that the process of selling and buying a home is more complicated than what they assume. They do not realize that hiring a real estate agent can actually save them more money compared to when they try to handle the transaction themselves.

The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

For Buyers

  • You may not spend your money paying the commission, most of the time the seller will pay it.
  • They will help you find the right homes that meet your wants and needs.
  • They will help you negotiate the best deal for the home.
  • They also will help you to arrange a home
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Many people choose to start a new chapter in their lives by relocating to another city or state. If this appeals to you then you may consider moving to Hawaii. The Big Island of Hawaii will surprise you with a large variety of homes for sale, breathtaking surroundings and countless entertainment options. Still hesitating? In that case, just take a closer look at the following reasons that could justify your decision to move to Hawaii.

  1. You Turn Your Life into a Never-Ending Vacation. Most of the people who have recently bought homes for sale in the Big Island didn’t actually picture a new life for themselves in this idyllic area. They started out as tourists and actually bought a two-way ticket. However, shortly after setting foot in Hawaii, they
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Whether you’ve been a Hawaii native your entire life or you’re brand new to the beautiful islands, there truly is no better place to call home. The Hawaiian real estate market is booming, and there has never been a better time to purchase big island real estate. With an incredible selection of homes ranging from quaint bungalows to sprawling estates right on the ocean – there truly is something for everyone. If you’re thinking about buying your new home on the big island, there’s plenty to do and consider. However, if you’re looking to take the simplest and most stress-free route towards home ownership, the most powerful tool is located right at your fingertips.

The Search Process

It’s not uncommon for buyers to find the search process a little bit

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It doesn’t get much sweeter than living right alongside the ocean in beautiful Hawaii. However, finding those prime pieces of oceanfront realestate can often be a challenge. Whether you’re new to the Hawaii real estate market or you’re a seasoned investor in the area, finding that perfect piece of property can be easier said than done. If you’re tired of combing through hundreds – maybe even thousands – of property listings just to find the big island homes or land that you’re looking for, it’s time to reevaluate how you’re going about your search! The web has simplified the real estate market, making it simple and hassle-free to find exactly what you’re looking for with a just a few clicks.

Specialty Websites

Why settle for searching through

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