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When A Ballistic Missile Threat Wakes You Up For Preparedness In Hawaii

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Last weekend, many residents of Hawaii, including the agents and staff of LUVA Real Estate  were awakened by a shrill alarm coming through their phones from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency alerting them to an incoming ballistic missile strike. We share resources, insights, and wisdom about being prepared for natural and man made disasters on Hawaii Island. Because when you see, “THIS IS NOT A DRILL” want to be ready.

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King Kamehameha III And How He Changed Real Estate In Hawaii

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On Friday March 17th, Hawaii celebrated the birth of King Kamehameha III who was the King of Hawaii from 1825 to 1854. Biographer P. Christiaan Klieger cites March 17, 1814 as his birthday, however, early historians suggested June or July 1814, but one accepted date is August 11, 1813. This video showing the celebration from Big Island TV explains more.

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