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LUVA’s Boutique Collection represents Luxury Real Estate in Hawaii that are set apart by extravagant features and prime locations. Also encompassed in this collection are homes that are so beautifully unique that they don’t fit into the traditional real estate model. Read more about our Boutique Collection below and please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Luxury Properties Are Encompassed in LUVA’s Boutique Collection

This collection is focused on properties over a million dollars. A home’s extravagant features or its location will set it apart from the average priced home in Hawai’i. If you seek to purchase or sell a home of this caliber, you will need a professional by your side. The search for a multi-million dollar home has no comparison to a standard MLS search. There are tactics, and investigation involved in seeking a property like this. LUVA Real Estate has experienced agents who will have the persistence and know how to get the job done for you. Contact us today to explore luxury properties for sale.

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The Unique Boutique Homes Featured Within this Collection

The Boutique label represents the most eccentric and beautifully unique real estate in Hawaii. Hawaii is an extraordinary place to call home, and there are many homes that don’t fit into the traditional real estate model. Some homes are so unique that we believe they fall into a category all of their own. The homes that have a waterfall feature in the middle of the living room. Or the homes built atop trees in the tropical jungle, or those with culturally significant streams running through their land. That’s where LUVA Real Estate’s Boutique Collection comes in. Our Boutique agents provide invaluable insight and a level of specialized experience to best assist in the buying, selling, and renting of unique real estate in Hawaii.

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