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Experience an entirely different and mesmerizing view of Hawaii…from underwater. The world of crystal-clear waters, colorful reef, unique tropical marine life, and what seems like endless opportunities to explore awaits you! If you are a looking for a guided dive trip or want to get PADI certified, we recommend checking out Big Island Divers or Jack’s Diving Lockers for their tours and classes.

  • Crescent Beach

    This is a popular shore dive spot with an easy to access location right outside of Honokahou Harbor. You can often spot the resident tiger sharks, turtles, spinner dolphins and other exciting marine life. This is a beginner friendly dive site but be careful of incoming and outgoing boat traffic.

  • Puako

    This popular short dive site is located on the Kohala Coast. Lava tubes, caves, arches, coral reef lively with reef fish, turtles, eels, sharks and dolphins – it is easy to see why sites in Puako draw many visitor and local divers. There is a site in Puako called End-of-Road where you will explore deep canyons and coral “walls” that stretch down 40 feet. Adequately named, the site is located at the end of the road after passing through the small beach town of Puako.

  • Two Step

    Honaunau Bay, also known as Two Step Beach, is one of the favorite snorkeling and scuba dive sites on island. Located in South Kona, this is a site for beginners and expert divers. There are actually two sites at the Bay – the first route takes you north along the shoreline, with many caves and a lava wall bustling with lively marine activity and beautiful coral life. The second route takes you out to sea to the center of the bay that is bustling with coral reef, tropical fish, turtles, crabs, and other exciting water life.

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