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Experience an entirely different and mesmerizing view of Hawaii…from underwater. The world of crystal-clear waters, colorful reef, unique tropical marine life, and what seems like endless opportunities to explore awaits you!

  • Airport Beach

    This dive site is easily accessible and is recommended for beginner divers. However, beware of the somewhat strong current. Explore the 40 feet deep water for coral and plenty of other tropical marine life.

  • Lanai Cathedral

    Lava shoots, arches, caves – the dive at lanai cathedrals is one of the absolute best. Take a boat to Maui’s neighboring island, Lanai to these two cavern dive sites referred to as the “cathedrals”. Rocks have fallen from the cavern ceilings, allowing light to seep through creating a cathedral-like experience.

  • Molokini Backwall

    The backwall of the Molokini is one of the best dive sites in the state and is only for advanced divers. The 100 meter wall on the backside of Molokini is busy with reef activity, fish, manta ray, reef sharks, and octopus. Dive alongside the wall and look out to see nothing but perfectly clear water with no end in sight.

  • Molokini Crater

    Just beyond the crater basin (where the snorkeling is excellent) this pristine conservation district turns into a remarkably deep and spectacular dive spot with visibility of up to 150 feet. Not only will you see impressive coral reef and fish, you may also encounter eels, manta rays, or even whale sharks. 

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