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  • Black Rock

    Black Rock is the rocky point located at the north end of the famous white sand Ka’anapali Beach. Expect to see many different fish from not very far off of the the shore. The water gets deep fairly quick here, so if you are inexperienced snorkeler be sure to go on a calm day where the current is not too strong.

  • Honolua Bay

    There is no fishing at Honolua Bay, as it is part of a Marine Life Conservation District, making the bay a great place to see marine life. A popular surf spot when the waves are breaking, on a calm day the bay is perfect for snorkeling where you can expect to spot fish, turtles, and coral.

  • Kapalua Bay

    Kapalua Bay’s location between two reefs makes the water perfect for snorkeling. It’s calm waters and easy to access beach are great for kids and beginner snorkelers. Great snorkeling can be found at most points along the beach, right off the shore.

  • Molokini Crater

    With its perfectly clear blue water Molokini Crater, an underwater volcano islet, is one of the most popular places to snorkel on island. Many consider it a world class snorkeling destination. The Islet is located 2.5 miles off of Maui’s south shore and to get there you will need to take a boat. The Crater is a Marine Life Sanctuary, so the marine life is protected making it a great place to see an abundance of fish, coral, and other marine creatures.

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