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Maui has numerous surf breaks dotted across the coast and below are a few of our favorite spots for surfers who are newer to the sport or who want to spectate some major big waves!

  • Honolua Bay

    Honolua Bay is probably the most famous surf break in Maui – but is only for advanced surfers who can handle the large waves and the intense reef break. If your skill set isn’t ready for Honolua, head out to the cliffs at Honolua Bay to watch surfers ride one of the best waves on Maui. 

  • Lahaina Breakwall

    Lahaina Surf Breaks are the best spots on Maui for beginning surfers. There are a number of surf breaks off Lahaina’s coast but one of the most popular breaks for beginners is Breakwall. This reef break is fairly consistent throughout the year. There are two breaks, usually you will find the inner right more crowded with surf school. Start here if you are a beginner. The outside can get quite a bit bigger on a large swell, so only paddle out if you are confident in your ability! Beware of sharp reef and always remember to respect the local surfers.

  • Launiupoko Beach

    Just outside of Lahaina is this easy to access beach park, with fun small to medium sized surf breaks that are perfect for those who are newer to the sport. The steady and consistent waves make for great beginner conditions. If crowds are not for you, this beach may not be the right spot – as many surf lessons are taught from this surf break and the beach can get crowded. 

  • Pe’ahi (Jaws)

    We can’t talk about Maui surfing and not mention the world famous break, Jaws. Located on Maui’s north shore just past Paia, is this extreme big wave surf break also known as Peahi. Spectating here is a favorite activity for many locals and tourists and it can be a nail-biting event as the waves can get up to 60 feet in winter months!

  • The Cove at Kalama Beach Park

    Many consider this scenic spot to be the best break in Maui for beginner surfers. The water is shallow and the waves are small, giving it perfect beginner-friendly conditions. However, this spot can get crowded with kids and surf lessons so be aware of your surroundings when paddling out!

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