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Experience an entirely different and mesmerizing view of Hawaii…from underwater. Oahu scuba diving offers some unforgettable dive experiences like shipwrecks and deep underwater canyons. 

  • Corsair Airplane Wreck

    This fighter aircraft is one of the most well-known and intact diving wreck sites on Oahu. Explore the wreckage from 1945 and observe the garden eels, octupus, and Galapagos sharks that now call this site home.

  • Hanauma Bay

    This bay is not only great for snorkelers, but also a popular dive spot because of the abundance of marine life and coral reef. Hanauma Bay has been a marine life preserve since 1967, and is a favorite activity for beachgoers, divers, and snorkelers alike.

  • Kahuna Canyon

    Kahuna Canyon, also known as Hawaii’s Underwater Grand Canyon, and is one of the most popular dive sports on island. Only one side of this former volcanic crater is intact creating a canyon like formation that is alive with impressive coral, caves and reef fish.

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