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While it may be small, Oahu is the busiest and most populated island in the Hawaiian island chain. With the constant activity, there are some major festivals and events produced off this little island.

  • Hawaii Book & Music Festival

    A festival honoring the art of books, storytelling, and music. This festival is an annual event happening every May in downtown Honolulu. The festival aims to raise awareness of the importance of the literary and musical arts in a fun, and friendly enivronment.

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  • Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

    This grandiose festival takes place over three weekends on multiple islands to celebrate over 150 talented chefs from across the world. The festival’s mission is to “reignite a love of the land, looking back to a time when Hawaii was 100% sustainable”. This festival is filled with culture, arts, and delicious global cuisine and is a must do for foodies across the islands.

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  • Hawaii International Film Festival

    HIFF brings together film producers from across the Asia-Pacific region to showcase documentaries and short films and create a space for cultural learning through film and educational programs.

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  • Prince Lot Hula Festival

    This annual hula festival is the largest of it’s kind in all of the state! The festival has been celebrating hula for over 40 years in a beautiful and entertaining way with a variety of hula halaus and native Hawaiian crafts for thousands of residents and visitors alike.

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  • The Aloha Festival

    The Aloha Festival began in 1946 and today is the largest celebration of Hawaiian Culture. It is a month long, community supported festival in September where the goal is to share the rich Hawaiian culture and history through events like hula, musical performances, parades, and a cultural food block party.

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  • The Honolulu Festival

    This cultural festival brings togethers thousands of people looking to learn about the Asian, Pacific, and Hawaiian cultures that are all beautifully blended together on Oahu. This annual festival in March is three days long and includes educational programs, parades, art demonstrations, and musical and dance performances.

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  • Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing

    This surf competition is the longest running annual surf series and takes place on the North Shore, a world famous coastline. The Triple Crown includes the Hawaiian Pro, The World Cup of Surfing, and The Billabong Pipe Masters. This is a prestigious sporting event and as competitive as it gets in the world of surfing. Every winter, hundreds gather to watch the surfers take on the infamous north shore breaks.

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