5 Reasons 2020 Is Your Year to Buy A Home In West Hawaii

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LUVA Real Estate agents are busily sending their friends and family on the mainland greetings of “Mele Kalikimaka” and “Hauʻoli makahiki hou”. In response, many of them receive varying responses such as, “Oh, you are so lucky to live in Hawaii!” and “Another day of snow today, how’s the beach?” and a few, “Can I get anymore jealous of you?”

Yes, it IS hard to feel sorry for our friends and family who are dealing with winter, the lack of an ocean view, no swaying palm trees in the gentle air, the sight of humpback whales spouting in the distance. So, here are five reasons 2020 may be your year to finally join us and buy a home in West Hawaii.

  1. Your winter clothes are getting older and instead of replacing them, just throw them out. Forever! Yes, you can do that and you will only need to keep one jacket when you venture up mauka in Hawaii and one sweater so you can go into a movie theater and be comfortable. Toss those snow boots, leave the scarves and turtlenecks far behind. Good news, too, is you won’t ever have to shovel snow, scrape ice off of your windshield, deal with freezing rain and fog, slip on the sidewalk, stay in the house all day while it remains in the teens outside, breathe frosty air or put snow tires or chains on your car. See how much more fun your life would be become?
  2. Interest rates remain at historic lows. Do you remember in the 80’s when the mortgage interest rates were above 15%? Or even in the early 2000’s when everyone thought they had died and gone to heaven over 7% interest rates? How much better does it get than below 4% to buy a second home or a new home in Hawaii?
  3. Inventory is loosening up with more listings coming on the market so you can find your dream home. The predictions for the real estate market across the country is a slow rise of price gains of 2-3%, so it appears that people are selling their homes, so more inventory is available, and feeling good about the economy, so they are buying up or down.
  4. You don’t want to suffer from FOMO in this new decade. “FOMO-Fear of Missing Out”. Your friends may be retiring, your kids may be leaving home, your other friends may be buying beach homes in Florida or even Hawaii. Why stay put and watch other people go and have all the fun?
  5. Just think, at this time next year, when you have your feet up on your lanai, watching the sunset, a few whales cavorting about in the ocean nearby, that you said you made your life dream come true by buying a home in Hawaii! And you would have just sent out Christmas cards with your big beaming face sitting on a beach with your slippahs and shorts and throwing a shaka for your friends and family. And it will be YOU, who gets the messages from your friends and family saying they are freezing, they miss the ocean and how can they arrange travel to come say Aloha?

Contact LUVA Real Estate today and let’s get your 2020 goals moving along!