Agent Spotlight: Kathryn Casey

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Kathryn Casey is one of our amazing LUVA agents on Hawai’I Island. She has been a licensed realtor with LUVA for 2 ½ years. She is known to brighten up the office whenever she comes in with her enthusiasm and positive personality. Kathryn was born and raised in the beautiful historic town of Mendocino, California. Visiting the islands of Hawai’i since she was a child, Kona has always felt like home.

Growing up as a daughter of a building contractor, she loved watching her dad remodel old Victorian homes. She learned the true value of a home and the many elements of its construction as she saw first hand. With this upbringing it is easy to see that she appreciates a home for all its worth.

Kathryn’s favorite part about real estate is the thrill. Never knowing what the day is going to bring, who you will meet, or what part of the island you will be adventuring makes it a rewarding and addicting career. 

In Real Estate where every day presents new challenges and opportunities, sometimes agents come across funny and unique situations. When Kathryn had her very first clients, she accidentally showed the wrong house! Her clients were on the mainland, so she was facetiming. She was in an unfamiliar neighborhood, distracted with the gorgeous ocean views and her GPS just so happened to take her to a house that was FOR SALE…just not the right house. As she was already nervous, she didn’t double check the address. She approached the front door and the key wasn’t where the listing agent said she would leave it. Not knowing what to do with anxiety overcoming her, the homeowner’s dogs start barking at her. Her clients suggested that she go around the house into the backyard, so she did. As she panned the wide ocean views for them on her phone they all realized the pool didn’t match the photo. Mortified, Kathryn started to apologize and briskly head out while the dogs continued to bark the whole way out the driveway. Kathryn said she was dreading calling them back when she found the right house because she was so embarrassed. However, not only were they all able to laugh about the mistake, Kathryn made her first sale and her clients are happy to this day with their home!  

Kathryn Casey, RS-81742
Realtor, Salesperson
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