Agent Spotlight: Kyra Bronson

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This month, we are spotlighting one of our rockstar Realtors, Kyra Bronson! Kyra and her husband visited the Big Island in the summer of 2012 so Kyra could run the Kona Marathon in her quest to run a marathon in all fifty states. (50th state completed in February 2018.) They immediately fell in love with the island and decided to move here before finishing the drive from the airport to their hotel. Kyra had been investing in rental properties on the mainland since 2008, and the move to Hawaii was the inspiration for her to combine her passion for real estate with her successful business sales experience and her MBA education to become a licensed Realtor®. They moved to Kona in December of 2012, and Kyra was licensed in January of 2013. During her years on Big Island, in addition to helping her clients buy and sell their homes, Kyra continued to personally invest in real estate. She grew her portfolio by being the winning bidder at several tax and bank foreclosure auctions. Kyra’s experience with foreclosure properties led her to the creation of Big Island Foreclosures. The legal issues surrounding these properties inspired Kyra to briefly return to the mainland where she recently obtained a Masters in Legal Studies. Kyra joined LUVA upon returning to Big Island in 2019 and we are so happy she has!

Why did you get into real estate?
I love house shopping! I’d much rather buy property than shoes!

What do you like best about being a Realtor?
The thrill of finding the perfect property for the buyer or getting a great offer for the seller.

When you aren’t working, how do you spend your free time?
I spend my free time checking out foreclosure auctions or working in my garden. I grow 14 different varieties of bananas and have over 125 pineapples in my little backyard.

Do you have a funny or unique story about real estate to share?
I have so many! Let’s see… I’ve shown more than one house with a toilet just added in to the corner of a room. My client bought one of them, and although the original plan was to remove it, she found it so functional that now over 4 years later she still has the toilet in the corner and has even replaced it once! I sold a house where the owner had converted one of the downstairs bedrooms into a pen for her five full-size pet pigs. I’ve sold one property three times (so far). And twice I’ve sold properties that were occupied by uncooperative squatters who would not allow showings. Real estate is a wild ride.

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