Agent Spotlight: Lee Sockwell

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Lee Sockwell Realtor Salesperson LUVA Real EstateLee Sockwell was born and raised in the small town of Cherokee, Alabama. Lee graduated high school and immediately signed up and joined the United States Army and served for eight years. During his time in service, the Army instilled in him the values of discipline and respect, which he credits, to this day for his ability to always strive forward no matter the circumstances. The values the military taught Lee, he uses to succeed, help others, and to remain calm under any pressure situation.

Lee has an extensive background in multiple fields of work including 10 plus years in customer service and management experience. The knowledge he has gained over the years from the time he was 15 years old till now has helped Lee master the art of keeping his clients happy and always comfortable.

Joining LUVA Real Estate two years ago, there were a few things that drove Lee to pursue a career in Real Estate. First and foremost, he absolutely loves real estate and all the ins and outs of real estate properties. However, his ultimate drive to get into real estate was he and his wife were purchasing a home. They were planning on utilizing his VA loan to purchase and when he was looking for help with VA Loans, he could not find anyone who could give him the advice his needed. He made the decision then that he wanted to be able to help people, especially his fellow veterans purchase a home with their VA loan and be able to assist them from the beginning to the end.

Once he got into real estate, he quickly realized there is so much more involved in the job than just helping people buy or sell a home. The realization pushed him to further his real estate education and do his best to help clients navigate through the real estate transaction, as stress-free as possible.

Growing up in a small town he values the personal connection that he picks up with ease with his clients, friends, and family. His ability to make this connection is important to him and it’s easy to see how it sets him apart in the growing field of Realtors. Making personal connections, enables his client to feel confident and comfortable during their transaction, allowing him to help them to his fullest potential and also in the end he and his wife, Sarah, end up adding another member their lovely Ohana. Want to talk story with Lee? His contact information is below!

Lee Sockwell
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