Agent Spotlight: Sara Layne Pedro

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We are a group of adventurers, dog lovers, surfers, activists, Netflix bingers, paddlers, caffeine addicts, parents, partners…the list could go on and on! One thing that we all have in common is, of course, our love for Real Estate. Every agent’s perspective and experience makes our LUVA Real Estate team who we are and we want to share with you our stories with our Agent Spotlight.

Sara joined LUVA Real Estate in 2014 and after working for three years as a transaction manager, office trainer, and salesperson, became a Broker in 2018 and is now the Broker-in-Charge for LUVA . Before entering into the real estate industry, Sara has past experiences in a multitude of venues including business, medical management and owned a clothing boutique. However, real estate is by far her favorite. She loves the challenge that it brings, and the capability to create her own success level. Being person to person, creating relationships with clients, and being an industry expert are all driving forces for her.

Her peak “feel good moments” are always when she sees her clients get super excited about their new property. She loves all the contract and paperwork involved in a transaction and considers herself a “contract nerd”. However, matching all the excitement she gets from working with clients and the behind the scenes happenings in the sale, she also gets a lot of satisfaction when she is able to be a supportive person to other agents. She truly has an equal passion for this part of her role as a Broker and feels very grateful to be surrounded with the LUVA agents and Realtor community.

Originally rooted from Orange County, California, Sara relocated to the Big Island in 2002. Married and the mother of three young children, those around her are impressed at how she is able to manage a successful career while being at the core of her family. When asked how she spends her free time, Sara stays very busy with all of her kid’s activities, “soccer, soccer, and soccer. Oh wait, and there are ballet lessons, the robotics team (for two different schools), Science Olympiad, and hip hop classes.” She also loves her weekly workouts, Book Club, gathering with friends, traveling, and beach days.

Fun Facts About Sara… 

  • 4 Dogs, 2 Kittens
  • Big Truck Lover
  • Lives in her leggings
  • Tea Addict
  • Shopping Obsession
  • Loves to stage homes
  • Mexican food is her favorite
  • #Doesn’tLoveSocialMedia
  • Drink of choice: Pinot Noir (with a cube of ice)

Want to connect with Sara? Here is a link to her contact information!