Do You Really Need a Real Estate Agent?

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Today, many home buyers and sellers are considering not utilizing a real estate agent when buying/selling homes in the interest of saving money. However, most of them haven’t realized that the process of selling and buying a home is more complicated than what they assume. They do not realize that hiring a real estate agent can actually save them more money compared to when they try to handle the transaction themselves.

The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

For Buyers

  • You may not spend your money paying the commission, most of the time the seller will pay it.
  • They will help you find the right homes that meet your wants and needs.
  • They will help you negotiate the best deal for the home.
  • They also will help you to arrange a home inspection.

For Sellers

  • They perform a Competitive Market Analysis – to help ensure that your home is priced at the right level
  • They will list the house on MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
  • They will do the marketing, both online and offline.
  • They will provide you all the information about other houses and the competition in your area.
  • They will evaluate the condition of your home and make suggestions to help make your home more marketable

Selecting A Real Estate Agent

  • Ask your friends for referrals.
  • Find real estate agents that specialize in your property type.

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