Five Reasons Why the Big Island Is A Top Winter Destination

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Kawaihae Beach with Ala Kahakai Trail PostDid you know that U.S. News and World Reports recently named Hawaii Island as the NUMBER ONE top winter destination in the WORLD? That is a pretty amazing title to give to an island that many people only know from our recent volcanic eruption. What we were surprised about was that the journalist who reported about our island had this to say, “ “In Hawaii, the Big Island is like the sometimes awkward older sibling. Forgotten in favor of adorable little brothers and sisters, her attributes are often glossed over. Maui is for fun and families. Oahu attracts surfers, partiers and outdoor adventurers. Kauai is for romance and luxury. And the Big Island is just … big”. Read The Article Here

Just big. If you love the Big Island, than you may be thinking..there is so much more to the island than it being big and having warm weather and excellent surfing, right? And pardon us, but we also are known for surfing, fun for families and adventure! But what do we have that our sister island do not? Let’s highlight some of our favorite aspects of the Big Island that not only make our island a top winter destination, but you can not experience on our neighbor islands:

1. Almost guaranteed Manta swims

People from all the over the world are flocking to Kailua Kona to be able to SCUBA and snorkel with Manta Rays! The mantas, which can reach over 12 feet wide, like to enjoy the plankton in front of the Sheraton Kona and at Keahole Point where large lights bring in the sea buffet for these gentle giants. Trip Advisor Info About Manta Dives

2. Green Sand beach

Nowhere else in the Hawaiian Island chain can you visit a white sand/black sand AND green sand beach in one day! Created from olivine the green sand at Papakolea located in the southern portion of the island. Learn more here: TripAdvisor Review of Papakolea Beach

3. Kona coffee plantations

As you may know, Kona coffee is recognized as being some of the best on the planet. With rich volcanic soil grown on slopes with ample tradewinds, sipping a cup of Kona coffee is a must do when you visit Hawaii Island. We have DOZENS of plantations to visit, many with tours. To be fair to all the farmers, here is a link to the Kona Coffee Council farmer list and you can see where all the tours are! Kona Coffee Council Farms

4. 11 different climate zones

One aspect of our island is, yes, it’s big! Our island is about as large as the state of Connecticut but when you visit, it is like traveling around the world. If you were to drive around the entire island AND across Saddle Road to visit Mauna Kea, you will have seen everything from tropical forests to high desert to alpine terrain. No where else can you experience such varied climate and topography changes in a short distance from one another.

5. Clearest water and best coral

Do you know why our island is a world re-known diving destination? There are no major rivers that exit into the ocean from West Hawaii which causes us to have some of the clearest and more pristine water anywhere in Hawaii! We also have beautiful coral heads which bring in tropical fish that dance about for your snorkeling enjoyment all along the coast. Underground fresh water springs, bring super chilled water through the lava channels and deposit them into the ocean, where that cold water is helping our coral avoid some of the bleaching that is happening due to the warming of the ocean that has occured over the past several years. Come and see!

Here are a few more that you won’t find in a “Facts About the Big Island” book.

Aloha Spirit

Kona sunset over the oceanYes, we think we have the MOST aloha in the entire state! Many people say from the time they receive a warm greeting and lei at the airport, to the way they are treated at the hotels, stores and on the road, to the manner in which everyone who lives here treats each other, Aloha is a golden commodity here.

Cultural Reverence

Big Island has dozens of preserved heiau’s (sacred sites) and national and state parks that revere the past and the culture. You can spend an entire week on the island just visiting sacred places, spaces and parks where annual heritage events still take place to preserve the Hawaiian culture for many generations to come. Residents are also invited to join halau’s where they learn to dance hula and learn about the Hawaiian culture from native Hawaiians.

Best Sunsets

Now that our volcanic fog has abated since the eruption ended after 30 years, we STILL have gorgeous sunsets, albeit without the red that could be seen each night. Sunset time in West Hawaii is a time for everyone to take a break and watch a glorious painting unfold across the sky each night. The seawall is lined with visitors in downtown Kona and restaurants up and down the entire coast celebrate the beauty to another day in paradise.

If you can feel the call of a Big Island adventure after reading this, LUVA Real Estate has a vacation rental division to help you find a beautiful home or condo to enjoy your stay! LUVA Vacation Rentals  Or if we have enticed you to consider a move here, please call us for available listing information! Aloha!