How To Claim Your Hawaii “Kama’aina” Resident Benefits

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group gathering with champagne partyThere are perks to being a resident of Hawaii beyond waking up each day with a sparkling ocean all around you and warm tropical breezes blowing your hair back. As a resident of Hawaii, you are kamaʻāina, which means “child of the land” and it is a word describing Hawaiʻi residents born on Hawai’i regardless of their racial background, as opposed to “kanaka” which means a person of native Hawaiian ancestry.

LUVA Real Estate is offering this helpful advice as there are numerous discounts to be enjoyed including an important one, getting a break on your property taxes.

Did you know that if you buy residential property in Hawaii, and DO NOT live here full time, you will pay $11.10 per $1000 net taxable land compared to $6.15 per $1000 net taxable land if you ARE a citizen of Hawaii according to the Hawaii Property Tax Division?

The benefits of claiming the home exemption include reducing the net taxable value of your property and allowing you to be placed in the homeowner’s class, if your property is exclusively used as your primary residence.

Here is more information and a link to the form you need to fill out to claim the exemption.

So, moving beyond getting a tax break from your property taxes, do you know how to become a legal resident of Hawaii so you can take advantage of other kamaʻāina rates?

How do you become a legal resident of Hawaii?

Getting a driver’s license with a rainbow on it with your bright smiling face proclaiming you live in Hawaii is a milestone to calling Hawaii home. Having that license also is your ticket to discounts at hotels and restaurants, free parking at state beaches, and of course, your property taxes.

In order to become a resident of the state of Hawaii, you must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident of the United States and have an address in the state of Hawaii which is your primary residence.

To show proof that Hawaii is the primary place of residence, individuals can file a Hawaii resident personal income tax formregister to voteobtain a Hawaii driver’s license, obtain a job in the state or buy or rent a home with a legally binding lease.

Proof of residency can be a driver’s license, mortgage statement, pay stub, tax return or even an electric bill with the individual’s name listed as the resident. In order to establish residency, keep a record of any actions taken to become a resident of the state.

LUVA Real Estate agents work to provide information to you that not only helps you buy or sell your home in West Hawaii, but provides resources to make your move successful and all the aspects of moving to the Big Island or within the County. Please call us today if you can lend you our services and advice!