Moving To Hawaii? Here’s Your Resource Guide

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How to Move to HawaiiThinking of a move to Hawaii? You may be researching what it takes to make the leap and move to Hawaii and LUVA Real Estate would like to offer you some helpful links and advice to make the transition easier if you do decide to make Hawaii home either as a renter or a homebuyer. (Of course, we would LOVE to sell you a home!)

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Do your research so you have a better idea of what it entails to move yourself, family and pets to an island. Below are great resources for you to start with.
  • Include the cost of your move into your plans. Some people can literally arrive off the plane with only what they can carry on board and set up shop on the island by buying what they need once they arrive. If that’s you, great. If not, shipping furniture, tools, and household items can be expensive.
  • The rental market is starting to loosen up a little, so coming over to rent a home as a mid-way point to buying a house/condo is starting to become less problematic, but pet friendly rental homes are still not the easiest to find.
  • If you are considering moving here for a limited time and then using your home as a short term rental, depending upon where you buy is going to affect your decision due to a new short term rental restriction bill. (we can help you understand it, if necessary) We are here to help! Give us a call and we can give you first hand knowledge about the joys and challenges of moving to Hawaii.

Resources: To get started, we offer you general information down to local resources.

Moving Your House on the Mainland

Our friends at Art and Home provided LUVA Real Estate with the “Ultimate Moving Checklist”- a printable resource that was built to help people make their move as painless as possible. (Includes SUPER helpful reminders about the little details that are easy to forget when you have to change addresses and pack like a pro!)

Moving Your Pets

Getting your pets to Hawaii is a process and you need to consider the steps long before you get your moving boxes located. The State of Hawaii HAS changed the quarantine rules since 2018 and this post we wrote includes the updates.

Moving to West Hawaii

From finding a Hawaii shipping service, to hooking up your cable and getting your Hawaii driver’s license, it’s all here.

How to Move to Kona

Local author and LUVA blogger, Julie Ziemelis, wrote a book to help people considering the move to Kailua Kona to include things to consider when moving to an island, cultural complexities, finding community, understanding Aloha and what that means to successfully make a lasting move to the island.

Local knowledge with local Realtors

Many of the Realtors at LUVA Real Estate moved from the mainland to Hawaii 30 years ago or just a short time ago. We can answer questions you may have about moving to and living on Hawaii Island by calling or emailing us. We enjoy sharing our aloha and can be an excellent resource for you.