Navigating The Times

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As all working moms know we wear many hats on an everyday basis. From home to school to the soccer field to the beach our family stays on the go. At any given moment I am cook, caretaker, chauffeur, zookeeper, lifeguard, coach, and cheerleader. I am also friend, confidant, wife, and mother. It’s a full life, but full of satisfaction and joy.

Covid has forced all of us to adapt.

For our family, this means no soccer (or a very modified soccer), a different type of school, limited access to friends, and goodbye to our old routines. Our lives were dropped into a new type of chaos and we were forced to restructure. Alongside other working moms I now wear a new hat: teacher. Custodian of my children’s virtual learning.

It has been one of the most difficult parental challenges to navigate surviving Covid with my children home and working full time. Not to mention the many changes in my professional life as my team and I pivot our usual strategy to accommodate selling real estate during Covid. My team at LUVA have shown incredible fortitude as we innovate to make Real Estate go virtual.

Trying to juggle the mayhem of homeschooling, managing the team, essentially being locked in the house, and staying healthy and positive has been nothing short of a monumental challenge. However, these new challenges bring their own measure of satisfaction and appreciation as I find myself and those around me rising to the occasion.

This year has thrown a lot of new and unexpected changes into our lives and I have nothing but amazement for the perseverance of my children and my team. It has been a year of knowing things cannot be as they were but trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy in the best way we can.

Like everyone else I am eager for the day when our lives can go back to the comfortable routine we once knew. When I can tell my kids that it’s time for soccer or to pile into the car for a camping trip at the beach. I miss the days of being cheerleader, coach or staycation organizer. I am hopeful for when we can return to a more carefree existence. But for now, I am proud. Proud of my children, our team at LUVA and my community. We are adaptable, resilient and hopeful. And through pulling together we will continue to overcome any hurdles thrown at us.


Sara Layne Pedro, Realtor
Broker-in-Charge, LUVA Real Estate