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October 2016

Found 3 blog entries for October 2016.

You’ve heard the noise at night in certain areas of the Big Island. The incessant loud chirp, chirp, chirp of the invasive coqui frog. A single frog the size of a quarter emits a mating call that is 90 decibels, the intensity of a lawn mower. Multiply the sound by hundreds of frogs and you have a chorus of cacophony that can keep you awake all night. A single frog outside your window can be even more tortuous and tedious than a chorus of frogs. On the other hand, some people have grown accustomed to the sound of frogs and aren’t bothered by the din.


In the last 12 years, enormous colonies of frogs have taken over vast swaths of the Island, starting in Puna and the East side and spreading out from there. In many areas of the Big Island, residents

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An ancient Chinese art, feng shui is a widely hailed practice that helps people live in harmony and balance with their personal environment. Practitioners believe good fortune comes to those who locate, orient and arrange the elements of a home in such ways as to create optimal energy flow, or “chi.” Failure to retain the chi energy within the home can create unsettling feelings for residents and visitors alike.

Here on the Big Island, several issues commonly pertain to Hawaii home, according to local Kona feng shui expert, Clear Englebert, who has authored many books about feng shui in Hawaii. In the world of feng shui, a straight path leading to the front door, for example, can be a recipe for negativity. A meandering path to the front entrance, on

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LUVA Real Estate Hawaii

Having closed over 50 transactions at Kanaloa at Kona in the course of my Real Estate career, my associates playfully dub me as the “King of Kanaloa.” I’ve been fortunate to have spent many years getting to know the intimate details of this beautiful property that perhaps most others may not think about.

1) The Friendliest Staff Members

From the front desk to the landscaping crew, the staff at Kanaloa treat guests with respect and Aloha.

2) People Come Back Year after Year

With so many things to love about this property, it’s no wonder that guests choose to return every year.

3) Best Location

The term “location” gets over-used quite a lot but Kanaloa is truly in its own unique area of Keauhou, Kona on The Big Island. The environment

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