Agent Spotlight: Brynn Bailey

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Brynn Bailey has been a Realtor with LUVA For almost two years and prior to working in Real Estate, Brynn spent 12 years working in sales in the Wine industry in Kona. She had always wanted to get into real estate but leaving a good paying flexible job was difficult. However, COVID brought about a job loss and a chance to start a new career so she worked to get her license, and now looking back she can see that getting laid off from her wine sales job was really a silver lining. Her favorite part about the real estate industry is being able to work with new people all the time, the connections, and the lifelong friendships that are made along the way. She also loves the flexibility that comes with working in real estate, it allows her to be there for her kids and to travel with them.

Brynn grew up in France, Costa Rica, and Hawaii, and she was always surrounded by people of all different walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds. Her parents always made sure she was able to have a conversation with whomever she was in the room with. While she is sure she rolled her eyes at them constantly, to this day she is very grateful for those experiences. She finds that she can relate to just about anyone she has a conversation with. Brynn is one of the most personable people you will meet, and this trait helps her form true connections with her clients.

One of Brynn’s funniest real estate moments happened when she was showing new clients in Waikoloa Village. She had just met them, and the first showing was a home listed for $2,000,000. Her Google Maps got them all turned around, so Brynn briefly looked at her phone and got pulled over by a cop! Her clients tried to explain to the cop what she was doing but it didn’t work, and Brynn got a ticket. While not the best way to start a day of showings, Brynn’s clients ended up becoming close friends and purchased a $3,200,000 home from her.

In her spare time, Brynn goes to the beach with her children or can be found surfing, cooking, baking, and doing home projects. Want to talk story with Brynn? Below are her contact details!

Brynn Bailey
[email protected]