In Loving Memory of Al Gulick

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Just a few weeks ago, LUVA lost an integral member of our ohana. Al Gulick was a dependable, experienced, and joyful REALTOR® who was always known to brighten the day with a smile and a clever joke. Whether it was through real estate or his community involvement, Al impacted many people’s lives with his wisdom, positivity, and strength.

Al had just celebrated his 10-year anniversary with LUVA Real Estate where he spent years leading our brokerage as the Principal Broker and in the later years, as a Broker and mentor. Prior to working at LUVA Real Estate, he was the day-to-day manager of Aloha Kona Realty for seven years. Al was an active real estate investor and was known by many for his expertise in investing and representing buyers and sellers with their investments or their primary homes. Real estate investing had been a part of Al’s life for 35 years in both HawaiʻI and California. In addition to an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Al held an AB in economics from Stanford University. Al was a respected and honest businessman who was always willing to lend a helping hand to others. His clients and colleagues often became lifelong friends.

All of us at LUVA feel fortunate to have known Al, whether it was a brief interaction or a relationship that spanned for a decade (or longer). Many people cherished and loved Al, and we miss him dearly. We would like to share a few memories from our LUVA ohana about how they will remember Al.

My best memory is Al is the “kick” in his step when he walked into a room. The man had swag and an infectious smile. His aspiration to have his best life was revered and accomplished. He was and still is an inspiration of what a person can achieve at any age. His is truly a treasure and I am honored to have known him. “ Adriana Camacho

“I remember the time he said “It does not matter if you have money or not…. The suffering or the hardship you go through does not chose if you are rich or poor”. From his life journey, and helping others, he learned and shared how to be compassionate, and connect with people from all walks of life. He lived by his words! His sincere heart to help other is what made him a successful person in life. What a true honor to have meet him during my time here on earth.” – Yuki Laliberte

“The bumper sticker on Al’s car says so much about him. It reads ‘I Appreciate You.’ Honest, caring, and kind!! Sorely missed.” – Mark Davis

“One day, after work hours, he noticed that I was watching the end of a baseball game and he sat down. He offered some witty counsel for a “young man like myself” while we sat together and watched the game.” – John McCormick

“My friend Al was business all the way until he became an Angel. While he was being wheeled into surgery he stopped the nurses so he could yell to Katharina – “call Kimi now and tell her not to lower the price.” Guess what? We got over asking.” – Kimi Nagatoshi

“I gave Al a call because I had clients who were wanting to 1031 their property. He ended up coming into the office and gave me a full education on 1031s. He drew up a diagram and everything!
I really appreciated his patience and willingness to walk me through it. Then I was having a tough time connecting with those clients and he ended up speaking to them on my behalf. I offered to let him take them as his own and he refused and said I can do it.
His kindness will not be forgotten.” – Krystal Vartanian”

“I just loved being around Al. He was always so kind and I could tell he loved what he did. Al would pass along some of his real estate knowledge when I would hold open houses for him. At the 10-year anniversary party, we spent a good bit of time talking about my move to Texas and discussing how important family was. I am so glad I had that time with him. He will be missed.” Gina Alvaro

“I will remember the little work and life-learning moments that I took away after talking with Al. Sitting at open houses with Al was the best – he loved what he did and he never made it look like ‘work’. I remember a conversation about the ups and downs of life one afternoon when I was having a rough day, and because of his words, I walked away feeling so much better. He had a way of listening and offering support in an honest and humble way when you needed it!” – Jackie Orsa