Lance Owens Joins LUVA

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LUVA welcomes Lance Owens to our growing team of creative and successful real estate professionals. With thirteen years of experience in sales, Lance is a supportive, knowledgeable, and ambitious Realtor who is passionately committed to integrity and compassion in every interaction with his clients and fellow Realtors. Through his innovative and aggressive approach to real estate he assists his clients in achieving their real estate goals.

Lance started his successful, local real estate career in Kailua-Kona in 2004 after a lengthy sales and management career in Las Vegas, Honolulu, and New York City. He specializes in working with long distance clients, utilizing technology such as videos on YouTube, Facetime on iPhone, and Skype in order to show his clients “real time” video of the homes they are interested in purchasing from afar. He also works with international investors knowing the technicalities of foreign signings at consulates, money transfers, and special real estate taxes. He utilizes social media and digital marketing in the marketing of properties and blogs consistently about the housing market.

Lance also has become an expert in short sales. His experience in dealing and negotiating with the banks has helped him personally close over fifty short sales, many of them “investor” owned properties, and on several occasions, not only get any deficiency waives, but his clients have received up to $20,000 in “cooperation”money.

Lance enjoys helping people find their dream homes in Hawaii. People are his business passion and the biggest part of his life. He prides himself in his past experience with client relations. The area of the island that he specializes in is wide spread from Mauna Kea to Kealakekua. When it comes to property he is well rounded in selling any type of home, condo or land.

Ask Lance about BMX racing as he used to race BMX bikes. One of the organizers commented to him on what a great “racer” he was. Lance’s response was, “I’m constantly in the back of the pack. What are you talking about?” The organizer went on to explain even though Lance was behind the other racers he had what it took to win, to go neck and neck with the other guys. He had no fear, but just pedaled slow. So, Lance got a motorcycle. He proceeded to take the State Championship, 1000cc production, 1000cc box stock, 750 open, 550 box stock, 550 production, and the 550 open class.

“The experience shaped who I am today,” Lance says. “It’s important to know when not to quit, but to change gears. Bottom line, if you’re good at something, but it’s not working, do something different. Don’t just walk away, just do something different.”

Lance is currently living on the Big Island of Hawaii where he enjoys riding his motorcycle on the beautiful, scenic open roads. He also likes spending time with his family, camping, fishing, and traveling.

As with all of our real estate sales professionals at LUVA, Lance exceeds client expectations and is available to answer questions you may have about buying or selling a home in West Hawaii.

You can connect directly with Lance via his blog or on Twitter at @KonaHomeTeam or give him a call at 808-936-8383.