Local Business Spotlight: Kona Natural Soap Company

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Situated in the middle of Kona Coffee Country on the slope sides of Hualalai is Kona Natural Soap Company. The factory is set in the middle of a lush green cacao & coffee farm, and the space provides endless inspiration and key ingredients for the founders, Marty & Greg. Initially in 2003, two years before beginning the soap company, Greg & Marty were growing chocolate on their stunning Holualoa farm. They started with 200 cacao trees and eventually increased that number to 1500 cacao trees and 300 coffee trees. After discovering that part of the cacao process created a wonderful natural soap ingredient they expanded into the soap making business – and it is clear to say, they have a real skill for creating unique, and luxurious natural soaps.

Kona Natural Soap Company

The founders behind the natural soap company focus on bringing “aloha” to customers through their products by offering soaps and oils that are actually good for the consumer while also being good and non-toxic to the environment. Kona Natural Soap Company produces all of their products on their 5-acre farm inside a solar powered voltaic factory, using ingredients grown on the farm as much as possible. Stepping into the factory room, you are greeted by the delicious smells from the oils that are infused into the soaps – from Kona coffee, clove, lavender, eucalyptus, to coffee and cacao grown right outside. The soaps combine olive oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, Hawaiian kukui nut oil, natural Hawaiian rainwater, and natural essential oil scents.

Kona Natural Soap

Next to their factory is a small gift shop where you can browse all of their soaps, oils, chocolate, 100% Kona Coffee, and custom pottery handmade by Greg. You can also find their products at the Ali’I Garden Marketplace or you can order all of their products online. Trying to find the perfect housewarming present for your new neighbors? Looking for a holiday gift for a loved one on the mainland? Or just looking to spruce up your soap collection? Locally made treasures found at Kona Natural Soap make the perfect gift, and their online shop makes it easy to purchase especially during the COVID pandemic. Check them out here!