Local Business Spotlight: O’z Kitchen

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If you are foodies like we are here at LUVA, you know that when a new food-stand pops up off the

highway, it can quickly become the talk of the town (or the office in our case). The excitement of having a new food option is usually combined with a little uncertainty – you never know what you are going to get! However, with O’z Kitchen, Kona’s latest food stand, we are going to spill the (azuki) beans and tell you that that making a trip to this food-stand off of Mamalahoa Highway in Kealakekua place is definitely worth a trip, or two, or three! O’z Kitchen, serves delicious Japanese style street food all made from scratch with simple ingredients. The chef is from Osaka and creates gourmet shave ice and authentic Taiyaki filled with anko (red bean paste), custard, chocolate, and ube (sweet purple yam paste). Taiyaki, a popular street food in Japan, is a fish shaped cake with a slightly crispy exterior, similar to a waffle.

o'z kitchen

For the epic shave ice, the team uses all house made and original recipes and their syrups are vegan and gluten free. Since opening this past September, they have had a rotating array of unique flavors like blueberry, mango, matcha, and strawberry. We are excited to see the new creations and flavors that come out of this stand in the future!

Their regular operating hours are Monday – Wednesday 10AM – 3:30PM and Saturday – Sunday from 11AM – 4PM. Follow them on Instagram here!